Tuesday, May 8, 2012

“How would you use Real English website with 1st grade students-intermediate school in Yanbu” 

First of all, what is a Real English website? 
It is a completely free site for learning English. Original videos & interactive lessons, an English teacher always present to help you, and a Community of teachers & students learning together.
It provides lots of lessons, videos, exercise about so many topics. It's a great website for using it to teach students English how to use this website ? 
1 - Watch the video without subtitles.
2 - Do all the Exercises.
3 - Come back to this page. 4 - Watch the video with English Subtitles.

How to use this website with  1st grade students-intermediate school in Yanbu”
I believe that  we need technology  in teaching students new languages but we have not to forget the text book. I'm going to do the steps that i have mentioned above with the students. The videos must be about the topic that we are going to  discuses in the class. We are going to watch the video together without subtitles. Then we are going to discuss it and solve all the exercises . after we finish, we'll come back to the video and watch it with subtitles.