Friday, March 2, 2012

“How would I use blogs, wikis and delicious with my EFL students?

is a social bookmarking web service for storing, sharing, and discovering web bookmarks. 
i can used delicious to ask students to bookmark games and activity that may help them in learning English as a foreign language.

How to use social bookmarking in the classroom?
• Network with other educators, share resources about teaching
• Collaborative student research projects
• Social bookmarking = 21st century researching skill
• Emphasize unintended learning and discovery through other students' bookmarks

Like Podcast, wiki and other types of new technology, blogs can be use in classroom environment for diary entry; it also can be a useful tool to link communication between study groups within a class or other classes or even schools. If use effectively, blogs can create a learning environment that extend beyond the schoolyard
Blogs provide a communication space that teachers can utilize with students whenever there is a curriculum need to develop writing, share ideas and reflect on work being undertaken in the classroom. 

1)Classroom Management (Community of learners, update efficiently, post handouts, assignments)
2)Collaboration (peer review, cooperative learning, suggestions)
3) Discussion (different learning styles--shy people can participate, ESL students benefit)
4) Student Portfolios (organize work by date, track student progress)
is a perfect source for sharing information. Wiki gives EFL students to add and discuss whatever information they learned. It also gives them the chance to edit or remove anything that seems to be wrong or need editing for them.
Ways to Use Wikis in Education
  •   Easily create simple Web sites. Anyone can do it...really.
  •  Project development with peer review. Everyone has written a paper and reread it so many times that they couldn't see a glaring error right in front of their face and your friend points it right out. Multiply that by a million, and you get a big improvement.
  • Group authoring. Tired of emailing word processor files back and forth and trying to figure out who has the latest copy? Leave it in one place where your changes are instantly seen by everyone.
  • Track a group project. Can't meet in person because of conflicting schedules? Post your discussions on your group wiki. You do meet together but you forget what everyone promised to do after the meeting? Have a scribe enter action items right into the wiki during the meeting.
  • Data collection. Make the computer do the work for you.
  • Review classes and teachers. Publish your experience in a class so other students can make a better decision about whether to take that class.
  • Collaborative curriculum design/course content authoring. Anything that requires collaboration can be done through a wiki.


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